Day 14

Well, it has been 14 days.

And it has become increasingly clear that finding activities to keep you occupied for a two week self-quarantine is not the game.

The game is now sustaining a life and maintaining a measure of serenity while remaining at home for an indefinite period of time.

Learning how to be present.

How to let go when your entire field of work has been cancelled indefinitely.

How to accept that the best you can do is let the people who can help do their jobs, and not create any additional strain on the system.

And… how to throw a really excellent house party for exactly two people.

1/3rd of the planet is actively adapting to a new, more isolated lifestyle. However temporary it may be, it’s what we’re learning to live with right now.

I’ve been talking about entertainment skills, but there’s a lot of new lifestyle lessons I’ve been learning. This is not a lifestyle of fabulous nightlife. It’s a lifestyle of fabulous home organization and kitchen management. It’s about DIY crafts and baking from scratch. It’s about meticulously detailed projects that you’d never otherwise have the time for. It’s about fabulously stylish patience.

Here are some of the new things I’m looking forward to learning in the continuing Lifestyles of the Patiently Isolated and Fabulous.

  • How to make homemade jam
  • How to make ginger beer
  • How to make pie crust, sweet rolls, and biscuits from scratch.
  • How to juggle five objects in a house with low ceilings
  • How to cut my own hair
  • How to produce a digital play from my home office
  • How to create a hand-drawn animation



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